Winter is coding

Published: 05/21/2019

Hi! I'm Ezequiel from Argentina and during the next 12 weeks (southern hemisphere winter) I will be working with the TARDIS sub-organization in the project called "Expansion of the TARDIS Atomic Database" as part of the Google Summer of Code 2019 program.


TARDIS is a Monte Carlo radiative transfer code whose primary goal is the calculation of theoretical spectra for supernovae based on a number of input parameters, such as the supernova brightness and the abundances of the different chemical elements present in the ejecta. The main idea for this procedure is that by finding a close match between theoretical and observed spectra the parameters that actually describe the supernovae can be identified.

The objective of this proposal is to incorporate new atomic data into the TARDIS database. In order to accomplish this job several tasks are required: parsers for different file types must be written, unit testing, full integration with TARDIS codebase and more. Finally, will be crucial to determine how new atomic data affects the synthethic spectra.

The result of this work will not only be of great value for TARDIS, but also for many researchers who require atomic measurements.


Coding period starts on May 27th, so now we'are in the middle of something called "bonding period" where organizations and students do some preliminary work. Stay tuned for more updates!