Weekly Blog Post #12

Published: 08/24/2023

Hello readers!
My name is Durlabh Pathak, and I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Engineering at Manipal University Jaipur. I'll be sharing my progress during the Google Summer of Code 2023 program here. My involvement revolves around two projects, namely "UI Improvements for Subscription Management" and "System-Wide User Defaults."

What did I do this week?

Apologies for the tardiness in updating my progress on the blog. I was engrossed in enhancing the recently designed UI. Pleased to report that the new UI is now finished and operates precisely as intended and promised. Subsequently, I shifted my focus towards developing a fresh model and interface for the list styles, which am delighted to announce is complete as well. The final step involves integrating it with Postorius, bringing an end to my GSoC'23 journey.