Week 8: Appearances and WMS server

Published: 07/22/2019

What did you do this week?

As planned, since the basic working of topview with all the code migrated to cartopy was fine. But now I needed to address all the bugs and make sure the working of each functionality and if any bug then bring it to working state. So building up on that my mentor identified few errors, one of which was the absolutely rubbish image being projected when using through WMS server. I was a little lost and experimented with wrong stuff and diverted a little more of my time than needed; basically I thought the issue is definitely being traced back from wms_control.py but infact it was merely the absence of keyword `extent` from function `imshow`. Other than that I also worked on the appearance feature to change color of water bodies which previously didn't worked unless you restart mss.

What is coming up next?

I think the current plan is to remove any source of crash in program through the interface and then proceed to rewrite tests which were basemap specific. Yes I did 

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Apart from tracing back the issue to imshow function, No I did not get stuck anywhere.