Week 7: Sowing the seeds for TreeUI

Published: 07/17/2023

What did you do this week?

TextBlock2D Bounding Box was nearly complete but the tests were failing due to automatic background resizing based on content and improper text actor alignment during setup. I encountered difficulties while positioning the text, which caused the text to appear offset and led to test failures.

Text background greater than the actual maximum size:

Text offset from center: 

Additionally, I reviewed PR #814 and noticed that after PR #769, all demos and examples were merged into a single folder, which affected the paths used in the Scientific Domain Section. To address this, I created PR #820 to redirect the links to the correct path.

As I faced issues with the TextBlock2D PR, I took the opportunity to rebase and continue working on the TreeUI PR since there were no updates from the author.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

While fixing the issues with the tests for the TextBlock2D bounding box, I encountered a weird behavior in text positioning when using the center alignment. The output varied depending on the sequence of repositioning.

What is coming up next?

I will continue working on the TreeUI and resolve the TextBlock2D error to ensure both PRs progress smoothly.