Weekly Blog #1

Published: 06/15/2021

Weekly Update


We have had 1 week of coding till now and overall am pleased with the progress of the project. It has been going smoothly without too many major issues we have had frequent feedbacks from mentors are a great help for the development.

This weak was mostly spent on implementing the functions for the language detection function and creating additional settings.

Implementation of an optional language detection function for the dateparser library which allows to plugin language detection library and along with a few selected internally supported library.

The Implemented function takes text and settings as parameter and returns list with language codes which is further used by the dateparser for the translation for the date-time. The function is passed into dateparser as parameter. Any one may plugin there own function to the dateparser for language detection.

The biggest issue we faced this week was on how to make the minimum file import requirements and allow easier use in CLI, Python Notebooks. We solved the issue by actually passing the function as a parameter to the dateparser's parse function.

Implemented settings include:

  1. DEFAULT_LANGUAGE : Works as default language if no language is detected.
  2. LANGUAGE_DETECTION_STRICT_USE : This setting makes the strict use of parsed languages only.
  3. LANGUAGE_DETECTION_CONFIDENCE_THRESHOLD : Which helps set minimum confidence score of detected languages.

Next Week

  1. Functionality analysis of the implemented language detection.
  2. Mock test of parse, search_dates and DateDataParser.
  3. Unit tests for language detect functions.
  4. Updating setup.py for optional language detection.

Thanks for reading