PyElastica: Simulation Visualization - Week 6 - 25/07/2022

Published: 07/28/2022

Week 6 Status Update - 25/07/2022

Having discussed it with my mentors, I will be taking some time off and extending project, so I can focus on some upcoming things I have over the next few weeks outside of GSoC. 

This week I cleaned up a lot of the core visualization code into a stable library that can be used to visualized PyElastica simulations, and move it into a new repo that I will build upon for the rest of this project with some examples. A lot of the main features and code have been excluded and are still in my development repo for stability, so the visualization tool is pretty basic at the moment, but seems to work well with various PyElastica simulations, and should serve as a good foundation to build upon for the second half of the project when I return.

You can find the repo here.

See you in a few weeks :)