Week 11-12 Check-In

Published: 08/26/2019

I am happy to announce that `CollisionHeightfield` is near completion! This week, I added some finalizations to `CollisionHeightfield`, which included improving the collision tests and adding the getter/setters of the class. My next steps would be to push my unit tests to the PR, and provide sample code which demonstrates the new CollisionSolid in action. One goalĀ that I did not get to accomplish was to implement BAM serialization for `CollisionHeightfield`. BAM is one of Panda3D's native file formats, allowing users to export Panda3D objects. Additionally, I did not add collision tests for lines and line segments. `CollisionHeightfield` currently has a collision test for rays, which is probably used more commonly than line/segments in regards to terrain. However, it would be nice to add these tests, especially since they are only slight variants of the ray collision test. Regardless, I am happy to announce that `CollisionHeightfield` is pretty functional as is. That is all for this week, check back next week for my final blog post!