Week 5 Check-In

Published: 07/10/2019

Hello everyone!

At the start of this week, I revisited the box-into-capsule test and re-implemented a different algorithm. Instead of representing the capsule as two hemispheres and a cylinder, my mentor suggested to see it as a line segment defined the by its two endpoints. So, the algorithm finds the closest point on the box to the line segment, and then tests for intersections accordingly. One obstacle that came up was that I couldn't find the surface normal when the box directly intersected the line segment. I pushed my code to my PR and asked my mentors for some suggestions, and they recommended to use the box's center to determine the surface normal. I did so and am currently awaiting review on my PR! In the meantime, I also started on my collision heightfield by setting up the interface and generic CollisionSolid member functions. Next week, I will start implementing collision tests with the heightfield. See you then!


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