Last Blog Post

Published: 08/22/2019

Hey, everyone!!!

So, As I already written my last blog post here you can read by clicking to this link This blog post explains entire period of Gsoc. Since the title of this blog post is last, I will share my experience and how I got selected in gsoc. GSoC is a great platform if you want to getting started with open source. It doesn't just teach you to contribute to open source but It also give you brand which you needed at some point of your life. It will help you in getting internship and job. It also provide you a community for the lifetime if you keep contributing to the project. The past 3 months is my best days of my life. Learning something new everyday. It enhanced my coding and programming skills. I saw to power of test and how It help in refactoring and adding new feature to project. I learnt some trending framework of industry Jest, graphql, react, webSocket and many more small library which I install from npm and used in my project. I started contributing to gatsby-source-plone when Iodide doesn't came into the gsoc. I solve some issue before the announcement of Gsoc organisation but when Google announces the organisation Plone is not selected. I got very frusted but I keep contributing to gatsby-source-plone. On 7th of march I found that Plone comes under the PSF organisation I became very happy. I keep contributing to it and finally got selected into this project :)