Week (4) - weekly check-in!

Published: 07/05/2021

Hi everyone!
Today, I will share some info about what I've been working on last week.

What did you do this week?

All this week, I've been working on the process of updating the icons when a new release is released. Huh? I know you're confused now, lemme elaborate more on this, we have two repositories, the first one is used for the icons and it will automatically release the package in npm. The second repository, is the backend, which's the project i'm working on. We need to make the backend aware of any new releases, that's it.

For this process to work as expected, we need to depend on the Gitlab hooks (the icons repository is located there), when a commit is add to that repo and a tag is released, the backend should be notified, and then the backend will be responsible for updating the database with the new icons and perform all the required changes, How could it do that? we first read the eos-icons.json file, where all the info about the icons - except the SVG itself - are stored in JSON structure, and then updating the local package eos-icons to have the new icons, to be able then to fetch the SVG codes, and add it to the corresponding icon's object.

I might share some in-depth details in next week blog! don't miss it.

What is coming up next?

Next week, I will be working on adding Version 2 of the APIs, which will decrease the number of APIs, the code redundancy, and will have a fixed responses schema, I will not add any additional functionalities next week, it will only be an improved/refactored version of the v1 APIs, the new features will be added the week after next.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

Yeah, I've got stuck a lot this week, the process of updating the icons needed a good planing to avoid consume a lot of resources while doing it, looking/thinking and trying different approaches, took a lot of time. But in the end? hard work pays off, it's working like a charm now!.

That's it for this week
Stay tuned for the next week's blog.