Week (6) - Weekly check-in

Published: 07/19/2021

Hi everyone!
Today, I will share some info about what I've been working on last week.

What did you do this week?

This week went too smooth, I've been working on introducing the caching layer, fixed some issues regarding the previous milestones.

The important thing that I've made so far is that we've updated the process of updating the icons, to only update the fields that changed, to reduce the db overhead, and introduced another two fields to give us the ability to show our users if an icon's look is changed.

What is coming up next?

Next, I will update our v2 APIs to use the caching layer, then I will be working on introducing the APIs that will deal with icons's tags suggestions, and the search APIs - most probably we will use Algolia for this - . That's it for this milestone.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

No, it all went too smooth.

That's it for this week