Weekly Blog (1)

Published: 06/13/2021

Hey! First week is almost done! we've worked on a lot of great things. In this blog I will give you a brief about the 7 Pull requests I've made last week. We started by initializing the project using typescript, and separating the server code from the application code. After that I've configured the main application configurations, routing settings, and error handlers. We've focused on making everything simple, efficient, and clean. And this couldn't be achieved without separating everything and creating pure functions. Later, I've migrated some of the utilities that were used before, with some enhancements,. The main change that I want to mention is, that we've changed all promise style functions to async and await functions for a better readability, and a consistent way, since it was used in some places in the code, the second most important change we've made is, converting some of the synchronous calls, to asynchronous calls and awaiting on them, this would help us not blocking the entire event-loop, by using async + await, only the context at which the await is called, will be blocked. We’ve also introduced a logger functionality to log the errors in the console and in a log file, this week included a lot of design decisions, which was the hardest part. Those are the main changes that we’ve introduced last week.