Week 11 Check in!

Published: 08/13/2020

Hi everyone

Now we are into the second last week of the Official Coding period for GSoC'20 ! The previous week was basically me involved in completing the sample code for navigation.
We selected a new environment for the sample with a better license. The previous code of the sample program was almost completely removed and a fresh code was written explaining a lot more features of the navigation and navmeshgen libraries.
Raycasting has been implemented in order to find the destination based on the position of a mouse click. So now if a mouse is clicked, then the two-dimensional position of the cursor is then used to find the corresponding three-dimensional position in the panda3d world coordinates, which is then set as new destination. Now the user can change the destination and find a new path even while an actor is already traveling on the previous path. The current position of the actor in the middle of the path will be set as starting point.

The GIF above shows the dynamic path-finding ability of the sample program. Yellow lines are the output of find_straight_path() while the green ones are output of find_path(). The panda has been programmed to move on the yellow line.

This was all for the previous week. This week I am focusing on the PR reviews so that we can have the PR merged as soon as possible.

Thank you. Stay Safe!