Week 13 Check-in!

Published: 08/27/2020

Hello everyone

The coding period of Google Summer of Code 2020 is finally over. In the last week of this program, I made my Pull Request ready to be merged. With the help of mentors, I resolved the merge conflict.
Additionally, I implemented a new feature to debug the navigation mesh. I added the cull_calback(), is_renderable() and some other functions to make debugging process a lot more easier. 
Earlier, the user had to get the geom node as output from NavMesh::draw_nav_mesh_geom() and then attach it to a nodepath in the render graph. Now, the user just has to attach a nodepath to NavMeshNode, lets call it navmeshnodepath, and then call navmeshnodepath.show() to show the navigation mesh and navmeshnodepath.hide() to hide the navigation mesh.
I have also added a short implementation in the sample code in panda directory : samples/navigation/main.py

So this was it for this week. A wonderful summer has come to an end, but taught me a lot. This summer I was introduced to the world of open source and I will surely keep contributing to open source projects, including Panda3D. I was really fortunate to have 2 great mentors. Both @rdb and @moguri were always available to help me out in whatever problem I stuck in.

Thank you everyone and more especially Python Software Foundation and Google for such a great learning experience.