Week 2 blog!

Published: 06/08/2020

Hello everyone,

Its me again. Excited to share my progress this week with you all. There was a lot of coding involved this week. I coded three classes in order to generate a polymesh using the recast tools directly through the panda3d interface. First I coded for any .obj file to be loaded into a polymesh, but later changed it to load polymesh from any geometry stored in the NodePath. A lot of time was spent on debugging and stuffs. Properly converting Z-up coordinate system to Y-up coordinate system and vice versa, drawing the output polymesh using GeomNode, understanding how exactly GeomNode and various other Panda3D tools work, proper knowledge of recast library were very essential to get the code compile and run successfully. Here is a 3D model form Panda3D sample directory called roaming-ralph and corresponding output for polymesh (the walkable surface) is shown in red. 


Apart from the main coding part, building the recast library and my classes with panda3d is also important. This was one place I stuck for a long long time and everytime my mentors helped me out. So, though I might be troubling them for this part, but I got to learn a lot from them. So a big thanks to them for how they helped me this whole week

For future work, I have a lot of stuff lined up. I have drafted a PR. My mentors will ask me to do some necessary changes within a day or two. Apart from that, NavMesh generation and Detour integration are main challenges of the journey in the coming weeks. 

Thanks for reading the blog

Stay safe