Week 5 Checkin!

Published: 06/30/2020

Hello everyone,

This week I worked on the PR.
The code was not exactly python ready. So I along with my mentors worked on making the code ready for use in python. Giving PUBLISHED access to exposed functions and members and especially, debugging while compiling the code was challenging. I was stuck many times while compiling the code to make it python ready.

Now we can access the recast tools from python environment. This feature especially amazes me. This is the first time I have worked on something where I am writing library in C++, but using it in Python. This felt so good after being successfully done. I wrote sample codes for debugging in both python and C++, but believe me, the experience of using python to call C++ libraries felt so good. It was so easy and smooth.

After doing this, I wrote test file in python for the functions coded till now. Also, I wrote a sample code in python to add to the panda3d repository and to explain how does it work.

Next task is to implement the query functions. Will complete this week probably. Till then, stay safe !