Week 1

Published: 06/02/2019

What did you do this week

This week was mostly getting familiarized with how testing with tox and travis works. The current build were getting failed and the main issue was a weird tox related error. Got rid of the error and finalized to shift tests without tox for now. Also had an introductory meet with 2 of the mentors and also decided to have a weekly meet which will be focused towards what target to accomplish every week. I also fixed a bug which was causing build to fail (the reason was a missing dependency in the project). Apart from this, I've received the permissions for the project repository from Plone. We also finalized which plone versions to support so that we can extend the support for our project to those versions of Plone. Since we were having our tests failing and other projects of plone also had similar manner of performing tests, I also got a chance to look at other projects of plone to figure out how they testing is done and what possibly could have went wrong.


What is coming up next week

Next coming weeks will completely be focused towards getting the build pass and cleaning up tests and getting them running successfully on travis.


Did you get stuck anywhere?

I was a bit stuck in tox related issues, some of which I was able to figure out and was able to resolve them on my own. However, I finalized with my mentors to leave tox for now and move on with travis alone for supporting multiple versions for the tests. Also I am still not very clear on some specifics of how the testing works in plone and what all tests we need to cover, which I target to get clarity on by my next weekly meeting with the project mentors.