Week 2

Published: 06/09/2019

What did you do this week


This week during our weekly hangout meeting, we've discussed the major outline of the project and what should be the primary focus of the project before the first evaluation. We also made some modifications in the original proposed plan, the minutes of the meeting are as follows:


Minutes Of the Meeting: Link


Above minutes of meeting lists out major tasks that have been/are to be accomplished and/or have been discussed this week. Apart from it, the following tasks are also achieved this week


  • Setting up project board on github which keeps track of the tasks accomplished and tasks that are to be done (or are ongoing), which will ensure a smooth and better communication of the project along with reflecting a proper understanding and accomplishments on the tasks
  • Simplified testing with travis CI and building the current project against version 5.1 of plone. Got the build pass for buildout, however the tests for the projects are still failing.
  • Had a look over the currently failing tests (a total of 6 tests were failing) and tried resolving it. Succeeded in resolving one of the tests completely and also proposed a solution for 1 more on how it can be handled and what necessary changes need to be done in order to fix it.
  • Published a list of all the failing tests (ongoing) by creating an issue on github which will help in keeping the track of the tests being fixed and the methods or proposed solutions being implemented in order to fix those tests
  • This week, I also got to learn PDB and how to use PDB in python development process
  • There was a old issue which addressed a zip file being corrupted (which was also one of the cause of failing tests). Resolved this thing and raised a PR with updated correct zip file (also mentioned in MoM)
  • Along with the above major issues, some minor issues like following good coding practises, typo fixes, updating README file for project were also look after this week by creating issues on project's repo.
  • Apart from it, I also got a chance to look after the main (core) code section of the project and played around it to develop an understanding of how things are working (primarily I explored importexport.pytest_importexport.py and utils.py)


What is coming up next week

Next week will primarily be focused on completing the above listed ongoing tasks and addressing the issues raised with main focus to listing all the failing tests and starting with the export part of the project. There are some section of the existing code that is not neatly written and may require rewriting for it to be used without any hindrance in future. However, the priorities may change accordingly when we have our next mentor meet the coming Wednesday which will decide a solid outline of what all are the things to be accomplished for the coming week.


Did you get stuck anywhere

I got stuck while trying to figure out the reasons for failing tests a little bit (with things like debugging while performing tests, import errors, IOErrors etc), however I was able to overcome it and started an issue to keep a proper track of it and organized it in a way which contains the section for Overview, Description (Reason), Proposed solution and Extra remarks so that while I try to fix all the tests, my mentors are well aware of the ongoing progress and proposed modifications.


Along with this, I was also very confused regarding how the project should proceed and how much of the time should be given to CI part (also how much of the support should be extended to various versions of plone), on which I got the clarity after our weekly mentor's meet, which proved to be really helpful.