Week 3

Published: 06/20/2019

What did you do this week?


The main tasks that were accomplished this week are as follows:

* Successfully resolved merge conflicts in this PR which contained major changes and improved master.

* In the same PR, some work has been done in order to get the tests working on travis. Currently there has been a significant improvement in the number of failing tests (for now, a total of only 3 tests are failing, which will be resolved later as the priority for now is changed to implementing the functionalities of export section).

* Discussed what format to follow in order to raise issues and resolve them in PRs. So instead of having one big issue which contained all the information about failing tests, individual issues were raised which addressed the failing tests and the reason behind it being failing

* Tried finding out the cause of failing test and successfully resolved it. link

* Found a bug in the current implementation of export and resolved it. link

* Apart from this, we also decided discussed about having user stories which will help us in understanding the user scenario of our application and wrote some of the user stories. Inspired from this project

* Developed a solid understanding of the UX roadmap and what all features to expect from the export functionality in the website. Things were not very clear on the grounds of what to expect as a user when we visit the website and hence were a major hindrance in proceeding with the project. Those things got sorted out and I feel more confident with the UX roadmap and what all to expect from this project.


What is coming up next week?


* The initial user stories that we decided were mostly covering the tests, CI, and code analysis and some part of export. However, we later decided to move on to the export task being the focus for now and started writing stories that would be helpful in covering the export functionality. This is a WIP and the aim is to code up the maximum functionality of export which will cover these users stories by the end of first evaluation phase.


Did you get stuck anywhere?


* I was initially concerned while raising PRs and issues whether the format that I'm following and the path on which I'm progressing is correct or not. We had a discussion this week and then decided to give atmost priority to export functionality for now, instead of tests and CI (which can later be incorporated along with the implementation of desired features)

* I was stuck in writing user stories as I had no prior experience in writing such a thing and mostly because I didn't spend much time on the application and was not involved previously when the discussions related to UX and the roadmap was setup, so I didn't know what all to expect from this application. However, all these doubts got resolved and one of my mentor guided me in that and I am now comfortable with writing such stories.

* I was also stuck for some time in understanding the libraries that were imported and were used in the existing codebase. I played around them and used debugger extensively to understand the input/output for the methods that were used.