Week 6

Published: 07/11/2019

What did you do this week?

Refactored the export code a little bit. Made videos and added links for the export stories for better and clear explanation of what all has been achieved through the export part. Started working on the task of large file uploads (this is still WIP).
Had a weekly meet with the mentors and decided a concrete roadmap for the second evaluation. The main task would be to get the import functionality done. We decided on how to accomplish the import functionality, what all challenges can occur while implementing it. Also discussed on UX roadmap related to import. 


What is coming up next week?

I would be adding stories that will be covering maximum of the import functionality that needs to be done before the second evaluation period. We have also organized github project boards to reflect the same progress week by week. The core priority for now is to get a basic working functionality for import


Did you get stuck anywhere? 


One of the tasks was to get the import-export accessible from the control-panel view. I tried looking at the existing plone apps however I could not get this thing working. I'll be adding this thing and will get started with the import part this week.