Weekly Blog Post #4

Published: 06/19/2023

Hello! My name is Ishaan Jain, a Information Technology undergrad at Manipal University Jaipur. I will be working on developing an information theoretic approach to filter out artificial information and real information in geospatial datasets for Xbitnfo during Google Summer of Code 2023.

What did I do this week?
During this week, I focused on investigating the presence of artificial information within datasets, specifically using the CONUS404 dataset. To accomplish this, I followed a multi-step process. Firstly, I encoded the CONUS404 dataset using linear quantisation encoding technique. By applying encoding, I aimed to explore whether artificial information existed within the dataset and, if so, to gain insights into its nature and origin.
The CONUS404 dataset comprised various variables, including RAINCVMAX, PREP_ACC_NC, SNOWENERGY, COSALPHA ,LANDMASK etc. These variables offered a diverse range of hydro-climate and meteorological data, making them ideal for analysis and investigation.
Next, I proceeded to decode the encoded datasets to retrieve the original data. This step allowed me to compare the bitinformation (or information content) of the resultant datasets with that of the original datasets. By examining any differences or discrepancies, I sought to observe the potential impact of encoding on the information content of the dataset and identify any artificial information introduced in the process.

What is coming up next?
In the upcoming week, my plan is to try to come up with some ideas on how to tackle this issue of artificial information popping up in bitinformation analysis.

Did I get stuck somewhere?
I was stuck while plotting subplots of bitinformation of various variables using matplotlib and could not find a good way to get many bitinformation analysis figures in one plot.