Week 11 (August 22) Check-in

Published: 08/22/2022

The first step of the API, simply loading the epoch data from a folder, was successful. I was also successful in implementing the SNR boost step which works to average a small number of epochs in order to increase the SNR per epoch input in to the model. I confirmed that the bootstrapped epoch output from the in-progress API was equivalent to the bootstrapped epoch output from the command line model. Then I got stuck on the PCA step. I first discovered that the epochs were being trimmed before the bootstrap step in my API, and after bootstrapping in the command line model. I made it so these were the same but the PCA step is producing a different number of principal components in the API than in command line. The remainder of the inputs seem to be the same but I will investigate deeper this week. After confirming the PCA output is the same, I will fit the model.