Week 4 (July 5) Blog Post

Published: 07/05/2022

My changes last week had to be restored - in an attempt to have the user only interface with the minimum amount of functions, I hid some functions within other processes. However, the further I got in building my script for measuring functional connectivity, the more I needed variables that were hidden in other functions. So I restored my program to a previous version where all the variables I needed were available within the script, and did not require going into any other functions. My plan is to get the script working with all of the functions/variables needed to initiate the model within this script, and once things are working smoothly, I can shift things (with some guidance from mentorship) such that the user is interacting with as few functions/variables as possible. I was able to process the sample data successfully so that the model for functional connectivity could be initialized, and the algorithm could be ran so that the connectivity measurements could be made. However, the algorithm fitting the connectivity measurements is currently crashing python. I plan to take two steps that should fix this problem this week: 1) Perform PCA on the sensor data so that the algorithm performs on fewer dimensions. 2) Select regions of interest to perform the analysis on such that connectivity is only measured for user selected cortical regions.