Week 6 (July 18) Blog Post

Published: 07/19/2022

Last week I attended a research conference where I presented a poster showing the application of the autoregressive model I am working to publish for this project. I shared measurements for a single condition as compared between a neurotypical population and a population with autism spectrum disorder. I was able to integrate a few stylistic/coding preferences as requested by my mentor. This week I will continue to work on the style edits as well as ensuring that the user interface for uploading data and using the model is minimal, requiring the minimal amount of data from the user, and that all the calculations are hidden from the user. One thing I'm having trouble with is deciding which functions and variables should be marked as private (indicated by a leading underscore) and which should be open to editing from the public. My goal for this week is to have the model itself publishable, so that next week I can move on to building the statistical model which will be used to calculate the statistical significance of the connectivity measures from the model.