Summer Begins!

Published: 05/27/2019

So after 3 weeks when GSoC'19 results were announced, Coding Period has finally arrived - the Summer of Google Summer of Code has began!
It had been an incredible journey so far, with lots of learnings and lot of struggles. What was a dream for me in Jan'19, became an unbelievable reality at May 6 (the D-day when results were declared). It was a thrilling experience for me, a Sophomore, to get selected in GSoC'19 at PSF, who just stepped into Python last year. I've shared this exciting journey from my dream till reality in a dedicated article:

Besides being Pythonista, I'm an Astronomy enthusiast, that's why I chose the PSF SubOrg - StarKit: A Python package for Stellar spectroscopy. This Summer, I'll be developing interactive analytical interfaces to visualize the Filter Curves of our package wsynphot. These interfaces will not only be able to auto-generate the Filter Curves but will also calculate the Photometry of Stars. The purpose is to make it easier for Astronomers to access the info they want within couple of clicks. Sounds cool! Right?

You can find details of my project idea at GSoC 2019 Projects page and package I'll be working upon i.e. wsynphot on GitHub page of StarKit. Within the Community Bonding Period (last 3 weeks), I was busy in my exams but I still managed to attend a Video Telecon with my mentors to discuss about a multiple things, from working in Community to the interesting work my mentors are doing in the field of Astronomy. They are really cool people - one of them is researching on Supernovae and another on nuclei of Galaxies & Black Holes!

As the Coding Period has began from today, I'm pumped up to start working on my project; to learn lot of things by implementing them - the real essence of Open Source. And Astronomy is already fueling my excitement! Stay tuned with me for this exciting journey, more posts to come. :D