Midterm Evaluation

Published: 08/13/2022


This week I am having my midterm evaluation. I've to faced a lot of hardships to complete my work as my initial period of coding period got passed in my university end semester exams. But my mentors helped me lot to get me on track. And now I've completed most of my work for midterm evaluations.

Summary of work I've completed till now :

Task 1: Deactivating of Unused Operations in MSColab

In MSS we have operations, that are created by users. If user not use operation for more than 30 days, than it will got to inactivated state and only creator can activated that. I've used datetime module to set the "last_used" datetime of operation. On starting of MSS we'll compare "last_used" and current time of operation on MSColab server, if there difference is > 30days that operation will be moved to inactivated state.

Task 2: Multiple Flighttracks on Topview

Currently, only one flighttrack can be painted on topview canvas, but if user wants to compare multiple flighttracks they have to open multiple instances of topview. I've developed a dockwidget by which user can plot multiple flightpaths. Activated flighttrack will be plotted with class "WaypointTableModel" and for others we'll convert their latitude and longitude to x,y coordinates using "gcpoints_path"(implemented in map canvas for topview of MSS) which is similar to "matplotlib.basemap.gcpoints" . And then use "matplotlib.pyplot.plot" function to plot a line.

For this, I've taken inspiration from plotting of fastkml objects in KML dockwidget and also read blog on fastkml by Aryan Gupta.

Till now most part of this is completed but some work is remaining like color edit, line width edit and synchronization of list in MSUI mainwindow and dockwidget. Which I'll try to complete by next week.

Task 3: Timestamps below message in MSColab Chat

In MSColab chat users collaborating in an operation can chat with each other. Previously, timestamps of message are not displayed. I've added qt widget with time label in message text area to set timestamps below messages.