Weekly Check-in #5

Published: 07/19/2022

1. What did I do this week?

I've resumed my work from this week, after my end sem exams. I started my week by working on deactivating of of unused operations, throughout this week. During the weekly meeting with my mentors on thrusday, I presented my work looking for suggestions and feedback. Initially, I am facing some unwanted errors in commiting changes to database but mentors help me sought out that error. Hence, I completed some part of this task and now I have started to learn about plotting of flightpath on canvas.

2. What is coming up next week?

In next week, the target would be to complete deactivation of operations and start working on my next task "multiple flightpath on topview".

3. Did I stuck anywhere?

Yes, I have faced problem is commiting changes to database and resolved it with the help of mentors.