Week 1 Check-in

Published: 06/08/2020

What did you do this week?

I started a new PR that adds mathematical constants and mutlimethods for logic routines. These included:

Math constants:

  • euler_gamma
  • nan and aliases
  • inf and aliases
  • NINF
  • newaxis

Logic functions:

  • isposinf
  • isneginf
  • iscomplex
  • iscomplexobj
  • isreal
  • isrealobj
  • isscalar
  • array_equal
  • array_equiv

I've also continued to work on the PR started during community bonding. This one also originated a new issue. 

What is coming up next?

I'll be adding more multimethods, this time addressing routines for array creation. I've already done two multimethods on array creation when I was applying for GSoC which might help this coming week. I'm also thinking about picking up another PR left off by one of my mentors. The one about NumPy's random module seems interesting and challenging. However, this still has to be discussed with my mentors since this was not part of my proposal and it also depends on the available time I'll have. Although I have an exam and a project assignment to deliver I hope to keep a good rhythm going during this week. Let's see how it goes!

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I haven't had any major blocks this week. The default implementation for norm in the Linear Algebra module was the toughest as I was trying to implement a simple solution that would take into account all the corner cases. I realized that sometimes an elegant solution is not easily attainable and that correctness is more important. The result was not that bad I hope.

This week was also the start of my weekly meetings with my mentors. We discussed my PRs and other things about the project which was quite helpful. I really appreciate their availability and commitment.