Week 3 Check-in

Published: 06/22/2020

What did you do this week?

I continued the work started in last week's PR by adding more multimethods on array creation:

Numerical ranges:

  • geomspace

Building matrices:

  • diagflat
  • tri
  • tril
  • triu
  • vander

These additions conclude the mentioned PR which at the time of writing this is almost ready to be merged. I also tried to implement a metaclass type for classes in unumpy.

What is coming up next?

I'll be starting a new PR that intendes to expand unumpy's coverage of array manipulation routines. The PR is expected to last two weeks given the extensive and diverse nature of the multimethods covered. Also, following the discussion about the inclusion of a metaclass type from which other classes in unumpy instantiate, it's expected that I review a PR by one of my mentors on this. This is a good opportunity for me to start getting used to reviewing PRs. As a note, I think the workload in the next two weeks might increase a bit but as college assignments start to decrease a good balance between the two should stay constant.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

The biggest challenge this week was trying to implement the metaclass type. Although I was given some good pointers on how to proceed with this I still faced some problems on doing this correctly. Creating a metaclass with the added difficulty of writing multimethods for its methods was a bit overwhelming. I spent almost an entire day on this and got little results. Looking back I should have asked for help which would surely have helped me unblock. I'll be sure to keep that in mind next time. With that said, I'm still learning the ropes but I already feel that my Python skills are improving significantly.