Week #10

Published: 08/04/2019

I continued working on developing test cases. I tried to write up an overview for testing frameworks since such a framework could potentially be useful for other methods beyond PCA. I still haven't found a test where the implemented PCA falls short of the standard PCA, which is good in the sense that the performance is on par with the standard PCA but potentially harmful since we don't know its vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, I'm in the process of implementing NMF. I'm currently am trying to use the hyperbox method that I used in PCA. Unlike PCA, however, it is generally not possible to apply NMF in an incremental manner as we did in PCA so I'm reading up papers to resolve this issue.

What did I do this week?

Design test cases for PCA. Partially implemented code for NNMF. 

What will I work on next week?

Testing framework for PCA and other methods. Continue implementing NNMF