Eighth Week Code

Published: 08/04/2021

Hi guys. - What did I do this week? This week I finished uploading the trial version of Openlex to a pythonanywhere server, with some code corrections in the creation of a test database when the server launch is not local, plus a test user and update of the weekly agenda so that it is always visible in the weekly tasks section. - What is coming next? I must prepare the application for group work and facilitate the user to assign group roles, these groups must be able to share information between users. - Did I get stuck anywhere? The only obstacle I had this week was the development of the test user, it was not clear how it should be the same, it was not known if the data should be created without belonging to any user and then assign them or if it should create only one, I question that they did do a job and then go back, resulting in wasted time. Finally a single user was created and its data was shared for the logging.