First Week 23/05, Study and Search.

Published: 05/31/2021

My name is Juan Elias Rodriguez, Im from Argentina and i want to tell you how was my first week on PyAr/Openlex project. What did I do this week? I could set and reach my goals for the week, this was learn about Lexdoctor data structures and what is the difference between both Lexdoctor and Openlex. The reason for this asset is can import all data from Lexdoctor (privative app) for Openlex (Open app) and make compatible between them. What is coming next? Start with the schedule of the issues that we talk on the community bounding, I should complete the schema database and fix the import/export mechanism. Did I get stuck anywhere? After studying the user manual the main differences that were found are: - Ordering of processes by groups of processes, for example, all, pending, archived. - Option to archive a process. - In the table of Parties, the consultation of all the processes linked to a person and their respective files is allowed. - We found a Test table, which allows you to save the type of test and its status (pending, own, opponent). In case a hearing is needed, it is scheduled. - In the movement table there is the option of scheduling a task.