Four Week Code

Published: 07/06/2021

Hi there. What did I do this week? - This week we were able to close a PR related to a filter of csv tables for data loading, on the other hand I open 2 new PRs in which the loading of individual data from the tables " Jurisdicciones, Fueros, Instancia, Tipo de proceso" was developed in the administrator role on production, as well as the loading of data by importing a csv. The second one was able to separate the files of the movement table by their respective expedients. Also it helped in the realization of tests for the application. What is comming next? - For next week I was preparing a proposal to develop a functionality to send a reminder of tasks via email. On the other hand, it will be developed continuing with the downloads of movements, a functionality that allows downloading in pdf format the writings of the text field of the same table when the zip download is requested. Did I get stuck anywhere? - Yes, I was stuck in the realization of the division of the files by folders, because I had to consult the file numbers from the movement table and these were foreign keys, finally it was possible to do two different queries to get both data.