Post 10

Published: 07/30/2023

In the last week, I started with another implementation of sets, that uses Separate Chaining for collision-resolution. This was the second implementation, the first being with Linear Probing. This week, I completed this implementation, fixing bugs, and identifying some more in the existing dictionary implementation.

Set (Separate Chaining, continued) (#2198)

As described in the last post, this implementation uses one linked list per hash value to allow for more than one element having the same hash.

The earlier implementation had bugs that did not correct identify duplicates in the set. In addition, remove function was not actually removing elements due to incorrect assignment of variables. I fixed these and other issues, testing all of these in the integration tests.

To complete this, I benchmarked this implementation (updated gist here). It turns out that this new implementation is not significantly better than the Linear Probing one.

Reserve function (#2232)

I will work on this issue in the next week, as it affects existing benchmarks. This basically reserves space for a list at the start of an algorithm. Equivalent functions are available in C++ with the same name