Post 5

Published: 06/25/2023

This week, I continued to improve list, tuple, and dictionary data structures.

Last week, I had worked on an improvement to support nested tuples. In some parts, I made use of raw memory allocation using new and delete. This was pointed in the PR comments.

I corrected this (PR 2018), using an allocator for memory management. This is used in general throughout the existing code as well, preventing memory leaks.

Further, I worked on adding some functionality to dictionaries. Issue 1881 is to support iteration through a dictionary as

d: dict[i32, i32]
d = {1:2, 3:4, 5:6}
for k in d:

This code iterates over the dictionary keys. We discussed in our meet on how to implement this, and concluded that it would be good to first implement dict.keys and dict.values as in CPython. For now, we are not using views, but rather returning lists.

I implemented some of this (PR 2023), but it turns out that the keys list has some extra values. I will discuss on this further.

Next, I also started work on supporting list comparison (Issue 1832). At the moment, we only have equality comparison. I started with implementing less than operation (PR 2025). I am trying to abstract out code for various comparison operations, so that same code is not used repeatedly.