Weekly Blog Post #1

Published: 06/24/2022

Hello, my name is Kailash Kejriwal, a sophomore pursuing Computer Science and Engineering in India. I will be developing & adding new features to EOS User Story and also work on it's Strapi-based backend during Google Summer of Code 2022. I will be working with EOS Design Systems on the project : EOS User Story - Frontend and UX

What did I do this week?

The first week of Google Summer of Code 2022 has been quite interesting. My primary focus was on setting up the codebase for the EOS User Story repository.
There was a high-priority bug which removed the pagination from the EOS User Story Dashboard when the option to show all the user stories was selected. I modified the GraphQL Query to fetch the correct count of stories and render the pagination component properly.
Apart from this, I have also worked on developing the design when no story is available to be shown. I have also got the design reviewed by the mentors.

What is coming up next?

I will be implementing the design for No Stories next week. I will also be working on getting the designs for Story page iterated and implement them eventually.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

For the first week I did not get stuck anywhere in the project itself. Although there was a Git-related issue while setting up the project. However, I solved it with the help of my mentor.