Weekly Blog Post #5

Published: 08/01/2022

Hello, my name is Kailash Kejriwal, a sophomore pursuing Computer Science and Engineering in India. I will be developing & adding new features to EOS User Story and also work on it's Strapi-based backend during Google Summer of Code 2022. I will be working with EOS Design Systems on the project: EOS User Story - Frontend and UX

What did I do this week?

In the fifth week of Google Summer of Code, 2022, I finished working on the voters section and timeline component of the Story page. The story page now stands revamped. I will add the components of "Stories related to same product" and "Stories by same author" later on. 

Currently, I am working on improving the roadmap filter in the story list. It includes adding a switch to conditionally render the roadmap filter for filtering the stories. The functional implementation of this is completed. I am now focusing to align it with the proposed design.

What is coming up next?

In the next week, I will complete the working on the roadmap filter. Then, I will be moving on to add new features as discussed with the mentors.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

I had used react-switch -  an open source package for implementing the switch of roadmap filter. It was a bit difficult to implement the custom stylings since the CSS was hardcoded. However, after CSS-overriding, I was able to customize it according to the designs.