GSOC 2019 | karannaoh's blog | Guillotina

Published: 05/28/2019

Hello Everyone, It's Karan Pratap Singh an undergraduate student from India. I got selected in GSOC'19 project(Plone: Guillotina API Evolution) under Plone which is a sub-org of Python Software Foundation. I will be working on a major upgradation of Guillotina which is a fullstack Async framework for the next 12 weeks. My project involves 

  • Upgrading Swagger2.0 documentation of the apis to Openapi 3.
  • Validating JSON schema to all the request and responses.
  • Working on adding all api's functionalities to the websocket endpoint to Guillotina.
  • Adding a mechanism to version the API.
  • And adding helm chart for easy deployment of Guillotina

I will be writing weekly blogs for the next 12 weeks explaining my work and progress.

Thank you for reading