WEEK #4 JSON schema validation

Published: 06/23/2019

Issue: #508 Validating all the request hiting Guillotina against proper jsonschema.

This Week:

PR: #517 

Requests coming to the API were not being validated, task was to validate all the request hitting the API. Jsonschema is already defined for most of the endpoints, only a validation wrapper was required to be added to all the endpoint(along with jsonschema for missing endpoints and testcases for validation). Now all the request hitting being validated against a well defined schema and through 412(Precondition failed) along with proper error in case of a bad request. 

Next Week:

Issue: #507

Added validation is a wrapper over all the endpoint causing too much redundancy in code base because its need to be added to all the endpoint. Next thing is to replace the validation with a decorator, which will validate the request automatically and will have very less code redundancy

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