GSoC week #2

Published: 06/09/2019

Hello world,

Two weeks since the coding period began. I probably took the most out of this week. On Tuesday nearly at 4 AM I figured out the way to generate custom icons through node and grunt (Without CLI) and by 6 AM in the morning I had my MVP for project ready. We had our weekly meeting with the mentors on wednesday and I showed te demo to them and everyone liked it. The rest of the days I kept on improving it (although it was a basic prototype).

How I Planned to do it?

My project is basically to allow users to select icons and build a custom font. I divided this project into two parts. I'll keep the front end part serverless and static and instead of having backend combine with it, I am making an API. The API will be hosted somewhere else. So whenever user selects some icons, an API request is made with all icon names and In the response I return a download link to the zip file that contains all the fonts, html templates, css and stuff.


Till  now I tested the API and it's working smooth. For the next week I have to deal with exportation and importation of config files so that users can continue building the same font from where they left.

Thanks for reading