GSoC week #4

Published: 06/25/2019

Hello everyone,

This is 4th week of my GSoC project and First Evaluations are here. In this week, I implemented the front end part to the current EOS-icons project, but it is not public yet. Now I have to host the API and Configure the Gitlab CI for its deployment. Once the API is up and running, I'll have to connect my front end to make request to its end points. Once that is done, I have a lot of more things to implement in the API and EOS-icons. For example, the project can only generate a custom font for one set only (EOS set or Extended version). Since we don't have much animated icons for now, they are being added manually. I plan to automate that process too. I have asked my mentors to create a heroku instance for the API, once that is done I'll test the API and proceed ahead. 

Thanks for reading