GSoC Weekly Checkin

Published: 08/25/2019

Hello everyone!

What did I do this week?

This was the last week of GSoC. I fixed some previous code and some errors with the Icons-picker API. Right now I am working to add Animated Icons support for the Icons Picker. The back-end part of it is done, so if an API request is made with Animated icons name in the JSON, the custom font will have only those icons. Now I have to implement the use of API and Animated icons selector in front end.

Also, this week I submitted the final evaluation. This is the link that have all the project contributions I made:

What is coming up next week?

Nothing :'(
GSoC ends next week. But I will still keep contributing to EOS and other open source projects

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Yes, in the front end of Animated icons selector, the animated icons are written in css so they are inheriting other CSS too. That caused a bit of a problem.

Till next time,