Eight-week blog post for GSoC 2021

Published: 07/25/2021

Hi! This week in particular has been somewhat calm. I did exactly what I stated in my last post: I reviewed my peers PRs, and made changes to my third milestone PRs, based on what I got as review.

What am I working on?

Fontunately, I've already done the hard work. Now, I'll do what my mentors consider the best to focus on. There are still small fixes in some lectures I need to check. This week I'll fix them. Also, I'll talk the other students to see if they need help. In addition, I may consider implementing more web tests with playwright to the quizzes exercises.

What have I struggled with this week?

As I said, this weeks workload wasn't hard, so I didn't struggled with anything. However, I'm going through a special situation (personal), and I talked to my mentors to let them know this. Therefore, next week I'll catch up.