Fifth-week check-in for GSoC 2021

Published: 07/04/2021

It's been a month since the coding period started. The upcoming week in particular is important because it's the last week before the first evaluation period, meaning I have to deliver everything I've worked on for the past month.

What did I do this week?

I finally finished my first milestone. In total, for this milestone I opened 21 issues, and closed 16 so far. The missing 5 have linked pull requests (PRs) that are awaiting review.
For 2 lectures I had to use Brython for their exercises.

Brython is designed to replace Javascript as the scripting language for the Web. As such, it is a Python 3 implementation (you can take it for a test drive through a web console), adapted to the HTML5 environment, that is to say with an interface to the DOM objects and events.
I use Brython beacause the current python interpreter of Runestone is skulpt, and it doesn't support some python libraries that Brython does. So this past week I had to recall how Brython works. I had to read its documentation again, where I found the browser.timer module, which I found helpful.

Did I get stuck anywhere?

Not really. I did take time to do the Brython stuff, but I didn't feel stuck.

What is coming up next?

This fifth week I will be aware of my existing PRs in case the mentors suggest changes. Meanwhile, I'll continue with my second milestone.