It's the final countdown - 6th blog post

Published: 08/22/2019

Hello everyone!


This week started with an extra dosage of anxiety for me. The deadline is coming, and I know I have a lot to work yet.

Even though the look was too much to do for so little time, that actually got me motivated, and I started to not let the anxiety get to me.

I coded a lot this week. And I enjoyed it like I didn't for a couple weeks. Not only I had to create a new part of the setup for the CLI, I had to test and document it. Julio said that I should've split in lesser PRs, but honestly, even though I iterated on my code, I only thought in reviewing every part alone and writing more, until it was finished. Every little method I wrote, I reviewed it in the next day, until I knew I was satisfied with what I wrote. The feeling of having thought of every case, every part of your code is really compensating, and that's what I was looking for in GSoC.

So, yes, I am happy that is coming to an end; not because it's ending, but because I learned a lot and even though I doubted myself many times, I was able to go through it and that's something that no one can evaluate for me.

I look forward to contributing even more to the open source community. I was always afraid of the feedback and the interaction with so many diverse people. But, to be honest, it seems to be where I can learn the most, and learning is what I like the most to do. So that's also thanks to the GSoC program.

I'm thankful for my mentors as well; they were with me in this journey, and I look forward to working with them in the Python community. I am also decided to go to Python Brazil in October, and enjoy it for the community as well.


Leonardo Rodrigues.