My path this far - 3rd blog post

Published: 07/18/2019

Hello guys!


This seems to be the post that goes by my 3rd blog post (July 8). I genuinely misunderstood the blog post assignment and I'm sorry I'm late with them.

I had motivation issues the last 2 weeks due to the fact I was really focused with the semester ending in my university. Not only I had exams every week, I had to finish some studies I had late the past weeks, and that contributed negatively to my focus to the project.

Even though I had a good start, I delayed a lot my unit tests and feedback reviewing, which delayed all my cronogram and showed me I was really optimistic with my timings.

My schedule was really good, and I had my feature implemented by the end of the 3rd week; but feature per feature isn't enough, and I was reminded I am contributing to a open source project after all. It's not only about the thing being done, but done right, with tests, clear and maintainable. More than once I was reminded of PEP20, and my efforts were more towards making my code usable by the project than anything else.

For the future, I'll need more steps planned so I can make good schedules of my tasks. It's not only about the code, but the community. It's not only about the features, but all the processes involved in making the feature something good for the project.

I'm really grateful I can experience this and be in contact with so much talented people.


Leonardo Rodrigues.