Time is running out - 5th blog post

Published: 08/05/2019

Hello everyone.


The time is finally getting into me. I feel I am really late on everything I planned, and I know I am the one to blame.

This week we finally merged my code for the command setup, and with it we had tests, documentation and the fix of the first issues.

What mostly got into me was the lack of knowledge about how to fulfill a full project. I underestimated the tasks, and didn't pay attention to all the details it was necessary for my project to be 100%. This serves as learning, as now I am way more confident about planning, coding and delivering a full-realized project.

Delays are expected; that's why I left a 3-weeks time for writing and polishing before the end of the period. What I didn't expect was that I had so much to learn and my motivation dropping together with my university exams week. Today I feel more motivated, as one step of the project was fulfilled, and I know I still have a chance to do better until the end of the program. That's where my focus will be.

Writing code is not only about knowing the tools, but creativity and time commitment. Thinking is crucial for a good code, but also is having a good pace on how you're writing. Keeping communication with my mentors was hard to me, but within the period of 2 weeks of good communication I finally got back on track.

I expect to be way more positive in my next blog post :-)

And with more PRs merged!


Leonardo Rodrigues.