Published: 08/22/2022

Week 11 is 8.15-8.21

I got gastroenteritis on 8.19. I worked less this week than usual.

What did you do this week?

8.15, I determined two methods for the next work.

8.17, I reported the current scheme to my tutor Turnbull. My tutor suggested that using the form set. So I used the form set to start regenerating the HTML page. In the process of browsing the official technical documents, I have never found a way to highlight the modification.

It may be very simple to realize the function of displaying attributes, but the difficulty of realizing other functions needs to be considered. So I still prefer to use HTML language to generate pages. Implement subsequent functions in combination with JS.

I learned CSS, bootstrap, JS, jQuery

I rewrite the code that generates the page. At the same time, the method of application modification is redesigned.

What is coming up next?

Next I will work on the list style.

I stopped and investigated the method when determining the follow-up method. It took me a few days, but it may speed up the follow-up development, which is worth it.