WEEK 8(Midterm Evaluation)and WEEK 9 BLOG

Published: 08/09/2022

The week 8 is 7.25-7.31.

In the week 8, I started my midterm evaluation. But since I had not made progress in the right place before, I continued to work at the beginning of this week. Tutor Turnbull gave me important guidance on how to use Django forms. I created a new page to display the attributes. At the same time, I successfully used the function of Django form to create all_attributes form. Use text boxes to display data for all attributes. However, there is an issue in getting all list id. I didn’t find an suitable method to obtain all the list numbers.

I finished the page displaying the contents of a list on 7.28. And upload this to GitHub as the material for the mid-term evaluation.

When I didn't get the results of the midterm evaluation, I continued my work. I don't want to interrupt my current state of concentration.

7.29 for the list id, I decided to start with the database. Find the database that stores the data, and then read the relevant code to find the way to get the data. So I found all the list id in one database of Hyperkitty. The database in Postorius does not have list id. By calling the data of Hyperkitty, I successfully obtained the all list id and displayed the attrbutes of all lists.

I reported this result to my tutor, who suggested that I had better use the functions of components independently, because each component may be deployed in different places. Therefore, my method may not get the returned result during the actual operation.

I have looked at the source code carefully. It is true that they are all developed independently and will not call each other. So I began to look for other ways to solve this problem.

I began to understand the knowledge of REST and tried to use it to solve this problem. This is what I didn't learn and pay attention to during my previous practice.

Thus, the week 8 is over. I've been working almost all week. I focus on the program and I'm happy. It's just that I stopped almost all my other work.


The week 9 is 8.1-8.7

This week begins to make up for the learning and research tasks delayed last week. I have another exam on 8.9.

At the end of the middle term, I got the evaluation of my tutor. The tutor pointed out my problems, and I had a deep reflection on them. I don't want the work in the second half to be as bad as before.

The main work this week is to make up for my other tasks, continue to work, think about the next work, and prepare for the exam.

This week, I learned REST in my spare time of other tasks, and successfully used the postorius function in 8.5 to obtain all list id and successfully display all list attributes. I gave this report to my tutor, who confirmed my method and finally completed this function. At the same time, we discussed the next work. Next, we need to optimize the interface logic from the user's point of view, and possibly modify the database.

I didn't work at the weekend because the exam was near.



1. Optimize the user interface and list style.

2. Fix some issues, check box display issue, radio box issue.

3. Link the database and use the API to operate the database.

4. Add list cloning function.

5. From the user's point of view, add convenient control functions. For example, how to quickly modify the specified list when there are 2000 lists. (add a function similar to shopping cart?)

6. Apply modifications.