Check-in for week 2

Published: 06/15/2020

1. What did you do this week?

I created a new PR that builds on the previous work in the redis branch and introduces the concept of a Persister which abstracts away the current JOBDIR storage mechanism. The basic idea is that instead of checking if the JOBDIR setting is configured and using it as a directory where arbitrary data can be read from and written to, a Persister should be used instead. A Persister offers a common interface to its users so they don‘t have to worry how the data is persisted.

2. What is coming up next?

I plan on stabilizing the PR, incorporating feedback as well as manual and automated testing in different scenarios. I will also take a look at benchmarking so that the PRs do not introduce a performance regression. Also on my list is the Redis connection pooling.

3. Did you get stuck anywhere?


So far everything is working as expected.